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Asthma Airway Remodeling

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    Asthma Solved Naturally: The Surprising Underlying Causes and Hundreds of Natural Strategies to Beat Asthma
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    Vascular Remodeling Is Airway Generation-Specific in a Primate Model of Chronic Asthma / A Randomized Clinical Trial of Peak Flow Versus Symptom Modeling in Older Adults with Asthma (American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Volume 174, Number 10 - November 2006)
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The CATalyst: Preventing Allergies to Cats, Winn Feline Foundation-Funded ...

Inveterate feline asthma and chronic bronchitis affects an estimated 1% of the pet cat folk. Both conditions are diffuse inflammatory diseases of the lower airway that can lead to permanent damage called “airway remodeling.

Implications for Asthma Treatment Strategies in Managed Care

As the prevalence of asthma continues to increase, the financial impact on the healthcare costs of the United States does as well. Managed care pharmacists are ideally situated to unite the shared goals of all asthma healthcare providers: to improve treatment and management strategies to ensure that patients receive safe, optimal, and cost-effective asthma treatment. Armed with knowledge about the pathophysiology of asthma, pharmacists can educate patients on the importance of early intervention and treatment adherence to help improve their immediate symptoms and ensure the long-term success of their asthma management plan. The implications for asthma treatment strategies in managed care are discussed in this article, with emphasis on the following domains: disease and treatment education, treatment adherence, patient self-monitoring, cost-efficiency, specialized care, and patient co-insurance and assistance. Asthma management programs implemented by managed care organizations can be aligned