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The CATalyst: Preventing Allergies to Cats, Winn Feline Foundation-Funded ...

Inveterate feline asthma and chronic bronchitis affects an estimated 1% of the pet cat folk. Both conditions are diffuse inflammatory diseases of the lower airway that can lead to permanent damage called “airway remodeling.

Rogue Protein May Curb Asthma

New research into the workings of a rogue protein made by a gene associated with asthma may lead to a medicine that could prevent the development of the disease in children and stop it from getting worse in adulthood.

Scientists have discovered that protein produced by the ADAM33 gene exacerbates inflammation and airway remodeling, which causes breathing difficulties due to additional muscles and blood vessels forming around the airways of asthma patients.

Previously, it was generally believed that allergens caused the airways to narrow, resulting in inflammation and asthma attacks, although scientists could not explain why only some people with allergies get asthma.

“We think this is a major step forward,” said Dr. Hans Michael Haitchi, who led the early-stage research at Britain’s University of Southampton .

“We’ve shown that this rogue protein ADAM33 actually causes airway remodeling before inflammation and then with allergens it causes