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does any one thinks goat milk helps asthma andwhy?

i suffer from asthma and i would try anything

There is a lot of eczema and asthma in my family. Goats milk helped prcatically rid my dad of his symptoms, whilst I only had partial improvement. Others have seen no improvement at all. So what I am saying is the only way to find out if it works for

Hmmm; interesting! I was raised on a dairy goat farm & none of us had asthma. Still, we were also very into nutrition & we never heard of goat's milk being used as a treatment for asthma, so I'm skeptical...

I don't think so. Asthma is a symptom caused by allergy.
Watch out if you are allergic to animal byproducts.
For example - lanolin, which is sheep's fat is a good emollient. However, a lot pf people are allergy to it and have a skin rash

What food should be avoided to prevent asthma?

My son is 3 1/2 years old. And he started getting asthma attacks regularly since the past 7 months. It starts by a normal cold with runny nose and gets worse to severer coughing and shortness of breath. Is there any way to control these attacks? Can certain

Use one single dose of Arsenic Album 200 while there is an attack and use Arsenic Album 30 three times a day when there is no attack.

In normal time use Thuja 30 three times a day for three days.

The preservatives in certain dried fruits can trigger asthma attacks, dried apricots for instance are particularly bad for it.

dehydration can be a trigger for asthmatic attacks....... as can foods loaded with colorings and nasty flavorings such as msg.

read a book by Julie Eady called "Additive Alert".