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Botox at the dentist? Some West Michigan dentists will offer skin-enhancing shots

“Who better to give a painless injection than a dentist?” asks Dr. Dennis Thornley, of Grand Haven, who has trained in the procedures and plans to began using them soon.

Like many dentists, Thornley initially began considering the use of Botox to aid patients suffering from chronic and severe Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction by relaxing the muscles, which ultimately reduces TMJ symptoms.

In mid-January he took a weekend training course held by the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics attended by dentists and other medical practitioners from around the state.

“I thought it would be a nice adjunct to the practice,” he said. “There are many applications and additionally, since Botox generally lasts from four to six months, it’s right on schedule to be given during a patient’s regular dental exam.”

Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Bakeman, of Betsy Bakeman Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry in Grand Rapids, is another West Michigan dentist considering the addition of aesthetic facial treatments such as Botox. While she hasn’t undergone training yet, Bakeman said it is “likely” she will.