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Sexual Lubricant: 7 Ingredients to Avoid

The sexual lubricants a woman uses can promote her pleasure in a variety of ways. Some serve as gentle enhancers and “indirect aphrodisiacs” by moistening the vaginal and vulvar tissues, mimicking and multiplying the effects of the body’s own natural lubrication and allowing her to have sex that feels relatively friction-free. There are lots of lovely lubricants in this group to choose from.

Another class of sexual lubricants can be described as “extrasensual enhancers”—agents that can induce arousal and augment sexual pleasure. They act as aphrodisiacs in a more direct way. They simulate the effects of the body’s natural lubrication while at the same time further stimulating pleasure through other means.

Any sexual lubricant a woman uses, however, should be as natural and healthy as possible, because the receptive mucous membranes of the vagina and vulva easily absorb their ingredients into the body. Read the label and examine your lubricant’s ingredients as carefully as the foods you eat. Some products presented as “natural and healthy” include synthetic or toxic compounds that could undermine your health.