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Dental Problems Can Be a Silent Threat to Pets' Health

Zoo Zoo was a sweet 10-year-old Shih Tzu who found his way to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) last July. When he arrived, it was clear that he was in very poor condition. Not only was the 10-pound, gray-and-cream dog suffering from kidney disease but he also had severe dental problems.

Zoo Zoo’s dental health issues ran much deeper than damaged teeth. Shelter veterinarian Dr. Kaci Angelone scheduled a trip for him to a local veterinary clinic, where Zoo Zoo was found to have a severely broken jaw, assumed to be caused by a dental infection. It’s true: An animal’s jaw can be broken as a result of a spreading tooth infection. He was then sent on to the Animal Dental Clinic in Vienna, Va., which specializes in complex dental cases.

“Our radiographs (a special imaging technique) showed that it was much worse than a broken jaw,” recalled Dr. Barron Hall, a board-certified veterinary dentist who directs the clinic. “Both sides of Zoo Zoo’s jaw were disintegrating, so we had to extract all of his teeth and remove his lower jaw. Then, we performed cosmetic surgery to reshape his chin. It turned into multiple hours of surgery.” Even though the surgery was much more extensive than initially planned, it was determined that this was the best course of action to enable Zoo Zoo to live and eat without pain.