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Medical Tourism Seminar at the University of Texas, USA

While the recognized and most commonly used language in Costa Rica is Spanish, it is not awkward to find a dentist or cosmetic surgeon in Costa Rica , who is fluent in English. Low priced cosmetic surgery in Thailand is also a big enticement for medical

Check dentist's experience before getting costly implants

“A lot of insurance companies are seeing the benefits of a long-term solution like implants,” she said.

Some discount dental plans, like and , offer price breaks on implants of up to 25 percent, but be sure to check on pricing and coverage before you join.

For those who don’t have the coverage and can’t afford the procedure, consider using a dental school. Baylor offers a full treatment — surgery, abutment and crown — for $1,975 per tooth that is open to new patients, Sones said. A $278 screening fee is also required. To get on the waiting list, call 214-828-8981 or go to .

“We’re always looking for new patients,” she said. “But they have to be cases that fit our training criteria,” including having adequate health and quality bone for the procedure, she said.

For those who have been missing adult teeth all their lives, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry is starting a foundation within months to provide free implants for those who can’t afford them, said Max Moses, spokesman for the academy.