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Dentists look to use Botox for cosmetic purposes as board pulls interim policy to review it

As you lie in the dental chair to get your teeth whitened, how would you feel about getting your laughter lines erased at the same time?

The use of Botox and dermal fillers to get rid of wrinkles or crow's feet or to fill deep lines around the mouth is usually done at a cosmetic clinic by a doctor or a nurse working under a doctor's supervision.

But a few dentists also offer the service in Perth and others are looking to.

As Dr David Hallett points out, dentists spend each day, every day working on the inside of clients' mouths and know facial anatomy better than most.

"Their education and training [is] in anatomy, specifically in the muscles, the nerves, the vascular system and the physiology of the face," he said.

"But also too of course, dentists inject in the face all day, every day as part of their practising life, it's just that they inject from inside the mouth rather than outside the mouth."

Dr Hallett is the CEO of the state's dental association and said there is widespread interest among its members in being able to use Botox cosmetically.