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Dental insurance: Man flies to India to avoid spending $100k on dental care

In the end, the extensive dental work cost just $A12,199, with the treatment plus flights, accommodation and other costs setting Mr McLean back just $15,000 — a far cry from the near $100,000 bill he would have faced had the work been done on home soil.

Now he says he has a “beautiful set of chompers” and stressed he only settled on Dr Motiwala after doing extensive research that made him feel confident about his experience and qualifications.

He said Dr Motiwala and clinic staff were “very organised and professional”, and the quote had been “staggeringly low” considering the amount of work needed, which was carried out during a number of visits for more than two weeks.

“I’m absolutely delighted with the result — it was the best decision I’ve made for a long time for my health,” he said.

“I love looking in the mirror — not in a narcissistic way, but I’d been so embarrassed by my teeth for such a long time. Now I have a Tom Cruise killer smile.”