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Yun Nam Hair Care Pte Ltd

A flair for haircare

Having enjoyed a few years of rapid growth in the hair solutions industry, Miracle Group Ltd chief executive officer Datuk Bryan Tay hopes to set the company on stronger footing to prepare it for the next stage of growth.

Tay started the hair solutions business in Malacca in 2006. Two years later, he decided to branch out into Kuala Lumpur and further up north to Penang and Kedah.

The company grew rapidly over the first few years, opening about six to seven outlets a year.

But in late 2012, Tay realised the company was growing too fast and there was a need to restructure its system and implement proper processes.

“We have to establish our systems and ensure a strong foundation to be ready for another growth stage. It is a big market with a lot of opportunities but we have to go about it right,” he said.

Having taken the time to strengthen its base, Tay is looking at strong growth over the next two years with 40 outlets by 2016. The group has already identified new areas to go into. Currently, there are 19 outlets in Malaysia.