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How two entrepreneurs are bringing the sharing economy to dentistry

The twenty-first century has seen cultural and economic changes in many areas, including employment. One of the biggest cultural shifts has to do with sharing—pairing those who have commodities with those who need them. And it’s not just about rides and rooms; the sharing economy is coming to the world of dental employment through the unique, cloud-based startup Cloud Dentistry.

Cloud Dentistry is the brainchild of dental expert Dr. Reza Sanjar and legal expert Trey Tepichin. Touting itself as “not a dental temp agency,” the platform uses high-tech tools to pair dental workers with the practices who need their talents.

How two entrepreneurs changed dental hiring

Sanjar, who is the co-owner of Dental Art in Katy, Texas, envisions sharing the benefits of Cloud Dentistry with the entire world—especially with dental professionals who want to embrace the benefits of working in the sharing economy.

Tepichin is a graduate of Duke University and went on to obtain his J.D. from Harvard Law School. Being a lawyer and economist, he understands the creation of new markets and how to maximize the efficiency of twenty-first century businesses.