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Pet teeth-cleaning business ordered to halt veterinary services

Furthermore, Dillon said Henderson called herself as a "certified oral health specialist" and her cleaning services were described as "therapeutic" and "professional" in a "clinical" setting in online advertising.

The judge said this was misleading and blurred the line for consumers between veterinary teeth cleaning and purely cosmetic teeth cleaning.

Private investigator hired

The court case came about from a complaint lodged by the College of Veterinarians of B.C.

In October 2015, the college hired a private investigator to investigate Henderson.

The investigator took a cocker spaniel named Bug to Henderson for teeth cleaning.

Dillon said Henderson diagnosed the dog as having serious periodontitis and said her procedure could cure the disease, but she didn't keep a record of Bug's condition or details of an apparent cleaning.

The judge said a veterinarian who examined the dog five days later said the cleaning provided by Henderson "accomplished nothing toward the overall health of Bug" although she was correct in her diagnosis of periodontitis.