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Fraudster who used stolen cards to pay for cars, dentistry and cosmetic surgery has appeal rejected

A ‘greedy’ fraudster whose ‘flash’ lifestyle included £3,700 spent on dentistry got a kick in the teeth as top judges rejected his sentence appeal.

Dane Fitzwater was convicted after trial of one count of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and admitted two others.

He and his wife defrauded small businesses by using stolen credit card details to pay for flash cars, cosmetic surgery, expensive watches and lavish parties worth £100,000.

Fitzwater, 34, of Hendham Drive, Altrincham, was locked up for six years at Manchester Crown Court on February 19.

His wife Samantha Doyle, 38, a former clerk for Manchester legal firm Olliers, avoided jail for her part in the conspiracy.

The mum-of-five received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud.

Doyle was encouraged to get involved in the conspiracy by her husband.

She conned Lepps Jewellers in Altrincham out of a Rolex watch worth £2,500 after asking if they would take payment over the telephone.