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The painful truth about teeth

“I am hearing about a number of people who will lose their coverage under the new plan,” Matello said. “Is Trump the wolf in grandma's clothes? My husband and I are are now saying to each other: ‘Did we really vote for him?’ ”

Matello said she has no option but to keep hoping Trump will devise "a plan so we can all feel the benefits of a better economy." But since he took office, Trump has focused on so many other things — most recently, his decision to fire the FBI director — that Matello has begun to wonder about his promises to the working class:

“Was he just out to get our votes?”

‘What I’m seeing is . . . horrifying’

Straight, white teeth are associated with social success — just about everyone on TV or with a big job has them. People drop $2,000 per tooth on porcelain veneers to hide the smallest imperfections. Trump has unusually perfect, snow-white teeth, prompting numerous cosmetic dentists to publicly note that he seems to have had expensive work done.