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Invisalign Gum Irritation

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    AZDENT® Dental Oral Care Orthodontics Wax for Braces Gum Irritation(Pack of 5)
    Health and Beauty (AZDENT)


    List Price: $8.99
    Price: $8.99

    • AZDENT Dental Wax Gum Protector for Brace Wearers
    • Made of medical-grade paraffin-based wax
    • Patient Relief Wax Sticks prevent irritation to the gums also relief oral pain
    • 5 scent:Pink-Strawberry scent, Orange-Orange scent, Green-Apple scent, Blue-Mint scent,Purple-Grape scent
    • Pack of 5 boxes(Adviced storage temperature is under 25 ℃.If the wax is melt or too soft for you,place it in refrigerator for 5 minutes.)

    GUM 317 Post-Surgical Toothbrush - Super Soft - 3 Pack (Colors May Vary)
    Health and Beauty (Sunstar)


    List Price: $7.40
    Price: $7.40

    • Specially designed handle to allow precision placement and gentle cleaning.
    • Colors Vary
    • Ultra-soft and extremely fine bristles.

Spodak Dental Group Earns Invisalign's Highest Distinction for 2018, VIP: Diamond Provider

Spodak Dental Group is one of the only general dental offices to earn the VIP: Diamond status in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin Counties. The team of dentists conveniently offers both Invisalign(R) Adult and Teen treatments.

A doctor’s tier reflects the number of individuals he/she has recently treated with the comprehensive Invisalign(R) clear aligner treatment. Doctors who have achieved the VIP status are Valued Invisalign Providers, and have chosen to specialize in using the Invisalign(R) treatment to shape their patients’ smile.

Invisalign(R) effectively treats a wide variety of cases, including crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite and underbite, and consists of smooth, comfortable plastic aligners instead of sharp metal, reducing irritation on your teeth and gums.

“This distinction shows our experience with the Invisalign treatment, and our dedication to our patients’ quality of care,” said Dr. Craig Spodak, owner of Spodak Dental Group. “We have been able to help more than 1,200 patients achieve the straight, healthy smile they want, and having happy patients is our ultimate reward.”


I just got my retainers (the invisalign looking kind) Monday afternoon, and now it's Tuesday night..

Everytime I put on my retainers, I have to force it down, and when it's not fully in place it hurts my gums, and my gums even look really

keep the retainer. everyone's hurts afterwards if you don't wear it then it will hurt a lot later. and trust me it's designed to irritate. wear it

They probably just need to be trimmed down a bit. Call your orthodontist's office and go in so they can trim it for you.
Also, if it is just an Essix or Trutain(one of those clear plastic ones like Invisalign as you described), see if one of the