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Parents Use Social Media To Share Experiences With Health Providers

Children tend to fear the unknown, and visiting the dentist is no different.

Following the voluntary surrender of Jacksonville dentist Dr. Howard Schneider’s license and pending class-action suit  after accusations that he mistreated young patients, some parents are worried about leaving children alone in the care of medical professionals. They have taken to cautioning others via social media about their children’s experience with health care providers.

One such post has been particularly active, with 158 responses on Facebook sharing one man’s experience with a Gainesville dentist, and how he disagreed with the practice’s policy.

On May 11, Max Danford, 59, of Archer, Florida, took his 10-year-old grandson, Eli Danford, to visit Dr. Bertram Hughes of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Gainesville to fill a cavity. He said he was concerned when Hughes’ office staff refused to let him accompany his grandson into the exam room.

“He was nervous, as everyone is when they visit the dentist,” Danford said. “He wanted me to go back with him.”