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Are Natural Skin Care Products Better

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    HUGGIES Simply Clean Unscented Baby Wipes Soft Pack, 576 Count
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    • Disposable Soft Packs have a flip lid for easy wipe dispensing and are handy wherever you go
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These days, skin care doctors and experts push various remedies and many different products promising to solve acne worries. However, because not all skin types and needs are in the same manner, not to mention the countless products available in the market,

Beauty: Healthy living can lead to beautiful skin

Products that check caffeine, retinol, vitamins and antioxidants are good, but "you have to have a tough expectation about what they will offer," she said. "You should probably look at those products as an adjunctive to your constantly skin care,

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Brea Holmes, 18, liberal, and her 11-year-old sister Halle show some of thier hair and skin care products in Phoenix on Dec. 27, 2011. The sisters came up with their own parentage of skin-care products called Sweet Dream Girlz, a year ago for tween and

Beauty Products That Nourish & Gives You a Natural Look

London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2012 -- Living beauty products are very popular these days and there are so many brands offering natural and organic skin and braids care. Everyone loves beauty products as it promises us more and better things,

What you need to know before jumping on the natural skincare bandwagon

Using natural beauty products is all fun and games until some homemade concoction turns your skin red, or God forbid, makes you break out. While ingredients like aloe vera are naturally calming, something more potent, like lemon, could irritate your skin if you don’t take the necessary precautions while using it. While “chemical”, packaged formulations have their own set of concerns, they are usually pH balanced, tested for safety or come with disclaimers for potent ingredients, reducing the possibilities of any harm. We got in touch with Dr Jamuna Pai, cosmetic physician, author and founder of SkinLab, for a complete PSA on using natural beauty products.

Have you noticed patients moving towards natural beauty products from the ones incorporating chemicals?

We are all concerned about our health and well-being, which makes it’s important to be proactive in our choice of products. Today, more and more people are learning about the potential problems associated with preservatives and other suspected chemicals in cosmetics. That’s why the market for  organic and natural beauty products is booming right now, further resulting in their growing popularity. Besides that, most natural beauty products are gentle on the skin.

Are natural or dermatological skin care products better?

Are natural or dermatological skin care or make up products better?

Which is better for your skin and more effective?

I use a combination of both, like I use the neutrogina naturalis purifying pore scrub with epiduo gel which was recommended by my dermatologist and they work amazingly together!

Definitely natural!!! Unfortunately, most brands are full of harsh chemicals and preservatives that are horrible for your skin. I use Blackbox Cosmetics. Their products are natural, organic, effective (and affordable) without all the harsh chemicals and

why are so many people reluctant on using natural skin care products?

i use natural skin care products - from plants but when i show other people they just say they prefer to use the products from the store..i see that my skin feels smoother and looks better than theirs but i am assuming that they think they will have a

because america is brainwashed

America is messed up and some people think it's a hoax.