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British cult favorite Elemis is the latest skin-care brand to hit the block, taps Jefferies

The upscale brand is the latest skin-care company to put itself up for sale, taking advantage of increased interest and growing sales in the industry. Millennials are now aging and concerned about wrinkles, shifting their focus away from color cosmetics toward skin care. This trend fits with a deeper interest in all forms of wellness, whether it be fitness, diet or beauty.

"One of the drivers of the growth in color cosmetics was young millennials teaching their mothers about color cosmetics — mothers didn't grow up in the age of YouTube, strobing and contouring," said Andrew Shore, a managing director at investment bank Moelis.

"Now, early adopters to color cosmetics are coming of age and their mothers are teaching them about skincare."

The $5.6 billion skin-care industry last year grew 9 percent, according to market researcher The NPD Group, while sales of makeup grew 6 percent.

Elemis distinguishes itself from its niche competitors both by its comparatively larger size and unique sales distribution. The cult favorite sells in airports and on cruises, where it hopes to create new customers as well as serve existing ones.

Can someone recommend some websites that sell African-American hair care products?

I am looking for websites that sell black hair care and skin products of various brands, not just one particular brand.

P.S. My hair is relaxed.

Amaka beauty sell a range of products (skin/body/hair care, cosmetics and more), including "kings and queens" and have a informative Q and A section.

Do you ever change skin care products and breakout? or is it just me?

I have been using Lancome for a long time - and of course, it is pretty pricey. So every now and then I say to myself that I want to spend less on skin care products. And sometimes I hear from some magazines / websites that brand names and drug store

I have the same problem. I think it's because your skin becomes reliant on the Lancome, and pretty basically freaks out when your routine changes. Having switched brands several times, it always causes me to break out. It's quite a pain

yea its normal try aveeno foaming face wash it doesnt over dry or over moisturize