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Festival essentials from Nature's Dream - naturally better ways to look your best

Nothing screams summer quite like the heady anticipation of weekend-long music festivals.

And whatever the weather this year, whether it’s a mudfest of epic proportions or a sunburning heatwave, you can guarantee the huge smiles on festival-goers’ faces will still be the same!

But it’s not easy to pack everything you might need for a four-day camping extravaganza in a little backpack - so Nature's Dream have put together a round-up of their favourite three items that you simply MUST make room for… although perhaps not at the expense of your glitter make-up or wellington boots.

Keeping your hair looking fresh and fabulous with dry shampoo

NEW PRODUCT Naturtint Dry Shampoo - this year’s most essential accessory to keep your festival hair looking and feeling fresh and funky.

And if you’re getting in touch with Mother Nature in the great outdoors, you’ll want a dry shampoo that is certified natural and is kind to the environment. No nasty aerosol sprays here!

What is a good natural skin care brand for oily skin?

i'm looking for a skin care brand that uses natural ingredients or at least uses less chemicals than most normal skin care products and that is also good for people with really oily skin?

I live in the UK so brands that are in the UK or

Natural Island Skin Care is a great choice. It was once recommended by my mom who's so into organic products when I was having problems with pimples. The commercial products were not doing good for me, so I tried her advice and just like what she said,

try water it works for me.

I use the skin care from this site because it is natural and doesn't leave me feeling oily. You need some form of oil to replenish the skin and this product is great because it is not too oily. The main ingredient is shea butter and this is a wonderful

UK available products: Recommendation for a good alcohol-free, oil-free, natural toner?

I have combination skin which is prone to regular breakouts. Due to that fact I was advised to use a good alcohol-free, oil-free, natural toner but I don't really know which products fall in this category. Is toning really that important after cleansing?

Liz Earle skin care is all Im saying - google it. I have reeeeeeeeeeeally senstive combination skin (lucky me) and after trying this a year back its now all I use. All of their products are amazing and natural.

By the way I agree with the

I have exactly the same skin type as you and this time of year can be particularly troublesome as the air cools and dries. I found that my breakouts were caused by using a cleanser, as the creamy consistancy left my pores blocked, despite my thorough

I think the best natural toner of all is to splash your face with cold water but you could try Aloe Gel - it's nice and refreshing and you can feel your pores tightening. Personally, I find that all toners do more harm than good to my skin and now many