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    Body Nutritive Serum | Best Skin Care Moisturizer | Best Way To Achieve That Golden Sun Kissed Tan | Get the Best Looking and Feeling Skin Ever | 13 Skin Loving Ingredients
    Beauty (Just Natural Products)

    Just Natural Products

    List Price: $29.89
    Price: $29.89

    • This silky smooth moisturizer leaves skin fresh, softer and more youthful looking.
    • • CUSTOMERS SAY: This is sun-kissed skin in a bottle. This oil has completely renovated my skin
    • Fast, deep absorption that improves elasticity, tone, and defends skin from dryness.
    • Use all over your body to nourish and promote a healthy, naturally obtained tan.
    • Provides luxurious all-day moisture protection without being too heavy or greasy.

    Bulldog Natural Skincare Age Defense Moisturizer
    Beauty (Everready First Aid)

    List Price: $13.25
    Price: $11.57
    You Save: $1.68 (13%)

    • Be loyal to your skin
    • Packed with 5 essential oils, millet seed and oak apple tannins to help deliver visibly younger looking skin in 4 weeks
    • Our products never contain parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources

Rodial rapped again by ASA for misleading skin care ad

By Michelle Yeomans , 12-Jan-2012 The Advertising Standards Jurisdiction has reprimanded skin care company Rodial for the fifth time in the last year over misleading ads for divers products within their skin care range. The UK watchdog took action after

Beauty Trend: BB Cream

BB cream, exactly meaning “Blemish Balm” but not limited to those who suffer with controversial skin, is a cream that offers both skincare and light coverage in one. The product patently originated as a treatment for those recovering from laser skin

Beauty Products That Nourish & Gives You a Natural Look

For skincare, the most predominant beauty products in UK are creams and lotions for antiaging. The quest for wrinkle release skin remains, and brands keep launching new and improved formulas for beautiful and younger looking skin. Breathing skin care products

Calling us angry? Michelle Obama and the 'angry black woman' label

Calling us angry? Michelle Obama and the 'angry black woman' label When I'm not bawling at cold objects, I'm applying cocoa butter to my skin, which is incredibly dry, or tough to manage my "unruly" hair. If I'm not the improper gender for a position of power, I'm the wrong colour: invariably my look doesn't fit

The 4-step guide to improving your skincare while you sleep

“Sleep is essential for the body to detoxify and allows the nervous system to recuperate,” agrees renowned facialist and aromatherapist Alexandra Soveral.

“Undisturbed sleep is vital for the skin, as it is the last organ to be repaired overnight. We need, therefore, to sleep for long enough to give the body time to reach the skin.” But for times when an early night isn’t an option, there’s always her Midnight Oil - a favourite among the capital’s most dedicated night owls for its ability to boost the skin’s overnight regeneration process. 

Here’s a four-step guide to turning the witching hour into your bewitching hour. 

Book into the sleep spa

Omorovicza’s Midnight Menu at the Four Seasons spa is only available between 4pm and 9pm - when the body’s circadian rhythm begins to switch to night mode - and is designed to prepare the mind, body and skin for the best night’s sleep of your life.

Each treatment starts with a back massage, followed by one of five 30-minute facials - the deep cleansing Detoxifier, soothing Restorer, energising Revitaliser, nourishing Hydrator or the Brightener. You have the choice to add-on two 10-minute enhancers - an eye cooler, neck lift, face soother (using rose quartz wands), feet relaxer or a warm oil scalp massage.

What is a good natural skin care brand for oily skin?

i'm looking for a skin care brand that uses natural ingredients or at least uses less chemicals than most normal skin care products and that is also good for people with really oily skin?

I live in the UK so brands that are in the UK or

Natural Island Skin Care is a great choice. It was once recommended by my mom who's so into organic products when I was having problems with pimples. The commercial products were not doing good for me, so I tried her advice and just like what she said,

try water it works for me.

I use the skin care from this site because it is natural and doesn't leave me feeling oily. You need some form of oil to replenish the skin and this product is great because it is not too oily. The main ingredient is shea butter and this is a wonderful

UK available products: Recommendation for a good alcohol-free, oil-free, natural toner?

I have combination skin which is prone to regular breakouts. Due to that fact I was advised to use a good alcohol-free, oil-free, natural toner but I don't really know which products fall in this category. Is toning really that important after cleansing?

Liz Earle skin care is all Im saying - google it. I have reeeeeeeeeeeally senstive combination skin (lucky me) and after trying this a year back its now all I use. All of their products are amazing and natural.

By the way I agree with the

I have exactly the same skin type as you and this time of year can be particularly troublesome as the air cools and dries. I found that my breakouts were caused by using a cleanser, as the creamy consistancy left my pores blocked, despite my thorough

I think the best natural toner of all is to splash your face with cold water but you could try Aloe Gel - it's nice and refreshing and you can feel your pores tightening. Personally, I find that all toners do more harm than good to my skin and now many