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Which ingredients should women pay heed to in their skincare products, and what are the best ways to combine products with strong active ingredients? On the vis- end of the spectrum are women who have had the same skincare regimen for years on

But even if people are using ear-splitting-end products, they may not be getting the most possible benefits from their moisturizer. Particularly in the colder winter months, it's material to use moisturizer correctly so that it fully absorbs into the skin.

Joanna Vargas believes she has unlocked the rules to visibly, clearer, younger looking skin with her high-performing all logical skin care line. "The initial Joanna Vargas Skin Care line consists of the basics … four important products that are,

Because of the moisture-retaining properties of ceramides, Western cosmetic companies have been formulating and marketing current skin care products containing ceramides for wrinkles and dry skin since the early 1990s. At about the same time,

Colorado, Washington face big challenges in controlling pot

&Mdash; When Colorado and Washington won permission from the U.S. Justice Department to begin selling marijuana in retail stores, the states promised to keep the pot inside their borders and away from children.

They’re facing big challenges trying to do that.

Even before Colorado opened its recreational pot shops last year, when only the sale of medical marijuana was legal, the state had a reputation as a top pot exporter.

In 2013, 40 states intercepted marijuana that came from Colorado, with Missouri ranked first in the number of cases, followed by Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Kansas, according to the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program. While no final count has been released for 2014, there’s been no stop in the seizures.

In Washington, D.C., Michael Botticelli, who was confirmed Monday as the nation’s new drug czar, told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that an increase in cross-border trafficking of marijuana is now a “serious concern,” and that he wants to fight it.

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