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Refurbished Gym at Peekskill Youth Center Opens

By Anna Young

Peekskill officials and community members celebrated the grand reopening of the Walter Corney Gymnasium located at the Kiley Youth Center last week following a $16,000 refurbishment project.

With the more than 30-year old establishment in disrepair and the Peekskill Housing Authority unable to obtain the funds to renovate the gym, the housing authority teamed up with Peekskill officials to get the job done. Housing authority chairperson Nancy Vann expressed her gratitude to the city for coming together to provide a playful and safe atmosphere for the youth.

“I’m so proud to have this important center for our youth,” Vann said at the June 29 ribbon cutting ceremony. “I’ve never seen the kind of enthusiasm and the kind of progress that we’ve seen after just a few months of this administration and we know there are going to many, many more ribbons to cut.”