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Accident Reports

, A popular 11-pitch 5.9. In September 2008, Ryan Triplett, 31, fell to his death while free soloing on the wall. Due to the increase in the number of rock climbers, and accidents, in the area, Okanogan County Search and Rescue is developing a high-angle rescue team.


The risks of simul-rappelling— In July 2016, a climber was killed in a similar simul-rappelling accident on Reed’s Pinnacle in Yosemite . Like in Withington’s accident, the two climbers on Reed’s Pinnacle neglected to tie knots in the ends of the rope or back-up the system.

“In my opinion the rewards of simul-rappelling rarely outweigh the risks,” Jeff Ward, an AMGA/IFMGA Mountain Guide, wrote in Ask the Master . “Oftentimes when I see people simul-rappelling they are rappelling so slow and carefully (which is a good idea) that they really aren't saving themselves that much time.”


According to Withington’s Couch Surfing profile , after graduating from the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, he took a gap year to: “[follow] my calling to travel the world and climb mountains everywhere I can! I want to get the most out of the life I've been given and fill it with new friends, new places and amazing experiences!”