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Blog buzz helps Beauty So Clean crack a tough market

Blog buzz helps Beauty So Clean crack a tough market But it was only when epidemics like SARS and H1N1 hit that she realized the while was right for her product, Beauty So Clean. “People became aware of needing something to sanitize a commonly Euphemistic pre-owned surface, and cosmetics are a commonly used surface,” she

Local leaders reflect on outdoor activities, volunteer opportunities, healthy ...

Local leaders reflect on outdoor activities, volunteer opportunities, healthy ... We seem to be importing endowment and exporting products—a nice trade balance. This artful blend of urban get-up-and-go with outdoor sports offers an attainable lifestyle … and a sustainable ethic. Our tactic plan for 2012 is a natural, even greater leveraging

Blog Sentiment Analysis Using NoSQL Techniques

An exemplar of this, described here, would be to discover major themes in what bloggers write about as to a company's products and services. The architecture spans elements in natural diction processing (which is in the realm of unstructured data)

All-Nutrient Spray Gel

Since January 2010, Lauren has worked at Present-day Salon Media covering salon style, product and beauty trends, traffic editorial and more for both print and online content. For MODERN SALON ammunition, she compiles the Style Watch, Priority Male, Proview,

Analyze This: Beauty products are big sources of urban air pollution

People commonly use shampoo, hairspray, deodorant, cleaning sprays, paint and glues. Such products can dirty the air. In fact, they are as bad for urban air as is burning gasoline or diesel fuel. That’s the finding of a recent study.

Each use of these products releases a mix of chemicals. Some of these belong to a class known as VOCs. That’s short for volatile organic compounds (which means they are gases and contain carbon). Many VOCs hang around in the outdoor air. Quite a few common VOCs come from products made from petroleum and other fossil fuels.

Certain VOCs can react with other chemicals in the air to create ozone. These VOCs can also help create particles known as “fine” (or small) particulates. Ozone is an ingredient of smog. That smog, along with high levels of fine particulates, can make it hard to breathe. This can be especially true for people who have lung problems, such as asthma. Ozone and particulates also can contribute to other lung problems, diabetes and heart disease.

What sort of topics would you like to see on a beauty blog?

I have a blog where I blog about beauty, sometimes fashion and hair, natural beauty products and skincare, hauls, etc. I am running out of ideas/topics.

the new trends in fashion beauty advice have people send u pics of themselves and you can help them.

How to get my beauty blog more noticed?

I am a beauty addict. No, i dont pile on makeup, in fact i only wear eyeliner everyday. occasionally i'll wear mascara and lipgloss. But my blog is about natural beauty and using natural things like homemade facial masks and to those who wear makeup,

i'll check it out and go on as often as i can.
sounds like something i'd like,(:

ill go check that out right now, sounds awesome! thanks!

you should make a myspace page for it... everyone loves myspace lol.
including me! haha.