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How the Controversial 'Female Viagra' Made a Comeback

“Sex drive problems are most often due to a discrepancy with the partner, not a truly low drive, so couples therapy — like behavioral couples therapy — can be helpful. The challenge is, of course, everyone wants a shortcut,” Prause said.

Should you take it?

Research indicates that up to 43 percent of women have a low sexual desire worldwide, however, only 10 percent suffer from HSDD, a prerequisite for Addyi.

“I think one thing to understand regarding Addyi is that it’s not as simple as taking one pill a day and all of the sudden changing into a different person,” said Dr. Michael Ingber, a urologist at the Center for Specialized Women’s Health in New Jersey. “For Addyi to be successful, women who take it will still need other factors, including the right mood, decreased stress levels, and of course, the appropriate partner.”

Many women who take the drug will experience some degree of increase in sexual drive compared to the baseline, Ingber noted.

Has anyone ever tried any of the female libido enhancement supplements/pills and found any that work well?

I am a 40 something female with a real lack of a sex drive and it is making my man feel less than a superhero to say the least. If anyone has had luck with a particular product I sure would love to know which one!

The first thing you need to do is figure out why your sex drive is low and try to help get it back. I was in your situation and it's not fun without being horny and feeling in the mood when needed. I also felt like my orgasms (if I would even get one)

The first thing you need to do is figure out why your sex drive is low and try to help get it back. I was in your situation and it's not fun without being horny and feeling in the mood when needed. I also felt like my orgasms (if I would even get one)

Are there any negative consequences to taking female libido enhancers at a young age?

I am currently taking Yaz for birth control, and I have been taking it for over two years. Basically for the last year, my sex drive has been getting lower and lower, and now i got nothing. I have been seeing the same boy for almost 4 years, and I completely

One common problem that happens is this. I have been there and done that. You have to figure out what it is first that is destroying your sex drive. If your on medication like birth control or anti-depressants that is something to think about and do