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Motivation Critical to Success of Medical Weight-Loss Programs

“Personal commitment, motivation and a strong desire to ‘enjoy’ one’s new lifestyle” are the true ingredients driving the success of any medical weight-loss program, according to surgeon, Mustafa Ahmed, MD, of Southern Nevada Bariatrics . “Gastric surgery is simply a tool. To achieve permanent weight loss and overall improved health, a patient must willingly commit to life-long changes in nutrition and exercise habits,” emphasized Dr. Ahmed, who is board-certified in internal medicine, surgery and surgical critical care.

Dr. Ahmed’s comments follow release of several recent weight-loss studies, all indicating the long-term success of surgical interventions in treating obesity, a chronic disease.

A study published in May of this year (2017) in the International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal determined that a common surgical therapy to reduce the size of the stomach – Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) – generated a highly diverse, healthy community of microbes in a patient’s gut. This new, microbial milieu may be responsible, at least in part, for helping surgical patients maintain weight loss for long periods of time, scientists said. Low diversity of gut-dwelling bacteria is associated with obesity, as well as with a variety of other diseases, including ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

How come weight loss programs and dieting programs don't work?

I'm currently doing an assignment for health class and the question is, well, the title of this question -- "How come weight loss programs and dieting programs don't work?" I mean things like Weight Watches, Jenney Craig, etc.
I've tried

Ok now hear me out....i think the reason they dont wor is because...THEY DONT WANT PPL TO LOSE THE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF!! reason being is because then they wont be as sucessful at sellin thier product!they want people to be fat and they know if there

idk srry

because it's a money grabbing scam for people unhappy with themselves

Does anyone know any good weight loss programs that are good for diabetics?

A friend of mine is interested in starting a weight-loss program, but is type 2 diabeties. She cannot handle any sugars whatsoever, and has to limit herself to VERY few carbs. With this being said, does any know, preferebly from experience, any good weightloss

The South Beach Diet is really good. Try to do this with her. It's always nice to have somebody to diet with for support. You can also do Weight Watchers on the internet. Both are good.

Hello ! My wife is type 2 diabetes,and I "Googled" in -Diets for diabetes.Try this, you'll find plenty of good recipes.Also there is a site called Good Luck!