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Hasso Plattner on the cultural shift behind SAP's 'intelligent enterprise'

"We defined that these systems are part of a family, not just the financial umbrella of SAP, but part of the family 'intelligent enterprise'," he added.

Plattner was keen to talk about the culture change the idea of intelligent enterprise has had within SAP: "We have changed in the company and all of a sudden the heads of development and these business units, they come together to try to work together and define what kind of interfaces are necessary, what harmonisation is necessary and all of a sudden the adoption of HANA got accelerated."

During a press Q&A after his keynote Plattner added: "We should write a Harvard Business Review about this, it is textbook: have the right strategy.

"Second: find the right leadership, we need leaders otherwise 4,500 people don't start marching, we know this since Caesar. And we need branding, I have learned this. Branding of a project has a huge importance to unite the people working so the internal branding of ‘intelligent enterprise' helps these people to feel they are part of a family and not part of a conglomerate."