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Is DHEA the Next Wonder Drug for Menopause?

The documentation continues to be mixed as to whether DHEA is the long awaited “surprise drug” for menopause. There can be so many variables involved in low libido, it is hard to imagine that a single treatment will work uniformly well for all women.

Rekindling the fire

"For women to covenant and improve sexual health, my goal is education." There are studies being conducted with women that are medication based, she added. "A mix of factors can influence a woman's sexual desire," said Gilmore. "Female libido is

Women's sexual satisfaction increases with age, new study reports

Women's sexual satisfaction increases with age, new study reports In awareness of decreased libido in older women, a “Female Viagra” has been marketed by BioSante Pharmaceutical Inc. Unfortunately, however, the tranquillizer manufacturer reported on December 15 that the product had failed to be proven functioning in late

Not tonight darling (or any time soon)

Not tonight darling (or any time soon) The okay news is that a high proportion of women do eventually see their libido return. There is no adroit fix, however, and, as of yet, no wonder-drug to cure it. HRT can improve libido, while some doctors prescribe oestrogen and testosterone

Palatin female sexual desire drug succeeds in late stage trials

A drug meant to boost the libido of pre-menopausal women distressed by lack of sexual desire met the main goals of a pair of late stage clinical trials, according to initial results released on Tuesday by its developer, Palatin Technologies Inc.

Palatin said the experimental drug, bremelanotide, demonstrated statistically significant improvement versus placebo on scales measuring levels of desire and distress in 24-week studies of more than 1,200 women diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

"The distress component of HSDD reflects the profound negative impact that this condition can have on women's' self-image, relationships and quality of life well outside the bedroom," Sheryl Kingsberg, one of the study's investigators, said in a statement.

"In the Phase 3 trials we saw significant reduction in distress with use of bremelanotide," added Kingsberg, a professor of reproductive biology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Ohio.

Male and Female libido boosted by a new drug? otide/overview.asp
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Wouldn't buy it.

Drugs repair problems caused by other things. For example, loss of libido is due to increased stress. Fixing it should be done by removing stress.

I'm sure that if one takes the drug and does not fix the

Not enough info to make an informed decision.

Let the men take it.

I don't believe in female sexual dysfunction.
If a woman doesn't want to have sex with you she is:
1. Pissed at you
2. Exhausted
3. Suffering or has suffered some severe trauma
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is there any drug can lower high female sex drive,or high libido in female?

Yes, any SSRI antidepressant will lower sex drive!
I was a nymphomaniac (had sex all the time my husband couldn't keep up, were talking 5 times a day) and then I was placed on an antidepressant Paxil for my anxiety issue and my sex drive dropped

If she's wanting to go at it too much for your liking... just ask her to tone it down a bit.
I remember when me and my boyfriend first got together, we had a lot of sex. If it's a new relationship... then maybe you can talk to her about not