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    12 Modes Handheld Personal Electric Device |Electric Impulse Action Device for Body Lower Back Neck Shoulder Joint Muscle Soreness (Black) LIFETIME WARRANTY! FDA CLEARED HealthmateForever Pro12AB2
    Health and Beauty (Healthmate International, LLC)

    Healthmate International, LLC

    List Price: $199.99
    Price: $199.99

    • WHAT IS IT? - PRO12AB2 is a dual channel battery operated muscle stimulation system that helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains. This TENS unit has 2 more modes compared with PRO10AB. HealthmateForever tens unit is the best PAIN RELIEF device by blocking the pain signal from nerves.
    • EFFECTIVE - The advanced technology sends out multiple preset electrical therapeutic waves through the electrodes. These waves stimulate the combination of deep tissue pain relief techniques and various muscle movements, relieving muscle tension; this unit is portable, you can stimulate your nerves and muscles and relax your body-anytime anywhere; completely drug-free; the large LCD display with new featured backlight shows you at a glance exactly what you need for your targeted mode.
    • WHY CHOOSE US? - HealthmateForever is the #1 brand for the pain relief device, which has exceed 50 kinds of Tens Unit on Amazon; More than 10 thousand 5 stars customer reviews in all on Amazon; High quality - doctor recommended; Portable and easy to use; 100 percent drug-free; Safe and effective for home use (FDA cleared & Lifetime Warranty).
    • FEATURES - 12 preprogrammed massage like modes is in a rectangle design: Tuina (Push & Pull), Acupuncture, Tapping, Guasha (Scraping), Cupping, Shiatus (Finger Press), Pressure, Back Pain, Deep Tissue Massage, Body Building, Body Building2, and Combination; Adjustable 10-80 minute timer by pressing the T button; 2 outputs allow 4 pads to be applied to the two different targeted areas at the same time; Rechargeable internal lithium battery - up to 10 hours of continuous use.
    • FEATURES - 2 outputs are isolated, so both channel A and B has the same 100% power, without reducing strength in half, press the A/B button to select channel A or B; 20 levels of adjustable intensity (strength) in channel A or channel B, you can use A+/B+ button to increase intensity (strength) or A-/B- button to decrease intensity (strength) of mode; Easy to read animated large backlit LCD display; A pause button (center button) you can click in less than a second if an emergency happens.

    VeniCare Premium Quality non-woven massage electrode pads, 40 pcs (20 pairs), self adhesive, conductive, water activated, no gel needed. Compatible with tens Palm Echo muscle simulators
    Health and Beauty (VeniCare)


    List Price: $21.75
    Price: $21.75

    • NON WOVEN FABRIC & HARDWARE BUCKLES FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS: Our pads are made that way to offer you the results, you are looking for and at the same time last for the many years to come! The buckles with be perfectly attached to your Tens EMS therapy machine and then let the patches do their job. Simple as that!
    • 2 INCH X 3 INCH PADS WITH CARBON FILM & CONDUCTING RESIN: VeniCare has cleverly designed these pads to have the right size and a thin carbon layer so as to do a satisfactory massage to your body. These electrode pads carry conductive resin which guarantees adhesiveness and high performances!
    • STRENGTHEN YOUR BODY & STIMULATE BLOOD CIRCULATION: Besides massaging various parts of your body for pleasure, you can stimulate and work on those muscles you have always wanted. Plus, you can improve your blood circulation and promote your metabolism while enjoying a nice massage on your couch! Amazing, right?
    • MULTIPLE FUNCTION SNAP ON PADS: When attached to the machine these pads can work miracles on your whole body! You can now enjoy a relaxed massage and release the daily tiredness. Also, any rheumatism and neck, back or joint pains can be relieved and feel as good as new again!
    • ELECTRODE PATCHES TOTALLY REUSABLE & HIGHLY DURABLE: Try our snap on pads and see for yourself! You can use them again and again without having any issues! Rest assured about that! Get now the best quality conductive components since they bear low impedance.