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The Incredible Shrinking Actor: How Men Finally Focused on Healthy Living

The Incredible Shrinking Actor: How Men Finally Focused on Healthy Living Seems a lot of men are starting to get what women learned long ago: Compliments are more fulfilling than food. The Kate Moss adage "Nothing tastes as A-OK as skinny feels" seems to have crossed the sex barrier. Finally, Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler

Women and aging: getting older, feeling better, untangling some answers

Women and aging: getting older, feeling better, untangling some answers Even women scarcity a healthy level of testosterone, and doctors might run tests on women who are complaining of low libido or vaginal dryness. The rank is 20 to 80 nanograms per deciliter, but doctors say a woman who drops from 60 to 20 will observation a big

Rekindling the fire

"For women to discern and improve sexual health, my goal is education." There are studies being conducted with women that are medication based, she added. "A order of factors can influence a woman's sexual desire," said Gilmore. "Female libido is

Look, there are alternatives to hysterectomy

Patients have to be on a Hormone Replacement Remedy (HRT) which does no good to lessen side-effects like mood swings, vaginal dryness, itching, osteoporosis, force gain and a decrease in libido. "Though we can treat these changes with estrogen

Raw Onions - A New Aphrodisiac

Did anyone see the tweet, that raw onions are good for sexual health?

I thought it was hilarious. The author claims that marinating a raw onion in honey, then chewing a chunk before bedtime will solve your sex problems! - I agree totally of course - as your partner has probably retired with undue haste to the spare bed! Oh - and if you keep watching the video, the presenter suggests rubbing raw onion into the scalp twice a week - to treat dandruff! The aroma in the bedroom sounds tantalising.

It got me thinking about aphrodisiacs. What are they? Do they work? Is it all just one big fad?

Top of the list is asparagus. In the 16th century, it was widely believed that the shape of a particular food, gave a clue as to what it could be used for. Hence the phallic shape of the asparagus spear meant it must be good for sex. The chief protagonist of this theory at the time, Paracelsus, was well known to use plants and herbs to heal the sick. He is credited with the first theories on antisepsis, the use of laudanum (opium) and the first accurate description of syphilis. I would only comment that if asparagus was used because it looked phallic, 16th century women must have been easily pleased!

How to increase female libido?

Are there ways to increase my libido without buying herbal supplements? Are there certain foods that help?

snag yourself a hot, handsome, and well endowed guy who'll raise not only your temperature but also your libido and pleasure you all over as much as you want. good luck. cheers!

Eat dried pumpkin seeds for libido and sunflower seeds for energy. You can buy packs from the supermarket

I don't know of any "natural" foods or supplements with this kind of effect.

What makes you think your libido is low? Has it always been at the current level? Was there a triggering event such as menopause or having children that

How does a female increase her libido?

Is there certain food or natural herbs that can be included in the diet to accomplish this?

Some natural herbal aphrodisiacs can be potent in terms of increasing female libido

The natural herbs listed below can increase the pleasure of sex naturally and work on the physiological state of the body making it more active and energized

Not any that actually work.

A clean house (no, I'm serious, it restores a relaxed mind), lots of sleep, exercise and a good diet is all that's typically needed.

I know of pasta and a piece of dark chocolate. and also exercise will help. Also, it sounds crazy, but a the smell of baby powder will do it too.