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Royal Body Care Microhydrin

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    Microhydrin (60Capsules) Brand: Royal Body Care
    Health and Beauty (Royal Body Care)

    Royal Body Care

    List Price: $87.50
    Price: $87.50

    • Microhydrin's unique structure appears to assist cellular waste (which tends to be acidic) and toxin removal
    • Increases pH to a more alkaline condition, enhancing the intracellular environments of the body
    • May enhance electrical conductivity in the body fluids
    • Its unique chemical structure may assist in oxygenation of cells and tissues
    • Microhydrin is the most effective antioxidant providing more electrons than any other antioxidant, mg per mg

    Microhydrin PlusTM (6 Bottles of 120 capsules) by Royal Body Care
    Health and Beauty (RBC Life Sciences)

    RBC Life Sciences

    List Price: $1,175.77
    Price: $1,175.77