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nail fungus and bleach

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Don't shave your legs and other tips to avoid infections from a pedicure or manicure

A North Carolina woman who claimed she was hospitalized with a disease reportedly contracted during a routine pedicure is one case of several that raises questions about the safety of getting your nails done. 

Last year, several nail salons in Indiana were fined and placed on probation after a man's leg was amputated following a pedicure . The instrument in question was a callus cutter, a razor used to shave hard skin off of the bottoms of feet. The devices, which aren't permitted for salon use in some states (including Indiana and  North Carolina ), are just one of many ways people could contract an infection at a nail salon. 

And it's not always obvious how bacteria and fungus can wreak havoc. Rachel Miest, assistant professor of dermatology at Mayo Clinic, said even clean-shaven legs or cut cuticles could seriously raise risk of infection. Note: Serious infections associated with nail salon services are rare, she said. 

Can bleach be used to kill fungus?

I have fungus on my fingernail, but my med insurance doesn't cover any of the meds given(both generic and non generic) I need to know if I soaked my pointer in bleach would it kill the fungus? If not what are some good home remedies that can be used for ngus&fr=ush-ans&ygmasrchbtn=Web+ Search&pvid=678rbUoGkum18.iiS3GE6hKk R41ZDkt2u5YAAYGZ
maybe you're coming in contact with something infected, old carpet, animal fur, old shoes...

No bleach will knock it back but not kill it besides it is very harmful to keep in contract with. You need a fungicide to kill fungus.

With a quick google search I found this link besides many others ngus&fr=ush-ans&ygmasrchbtn=Web+ Search&pvid=678rbUoGkum18.iiS3GE6hKk R41ZDkt2u5YAAYGZ
maybe you're coming in contact with something infected, old carpet, animal fur, old shoes...

Anyone know anything about toe nail Fungus?

Why does it happen? Is it something in our bodies?

Is 1 cup of bleach in a gallon of water safe to soak your feet in for 15 minutes everyday for 6 months.

I'm asking because money is tight and I have CHEESE TOE DISEasE. Totally

It usually ocurs after an injury. I wouldn't use the bleach. Buy some Tea Tree Oil and apply twice a day to the nail for the time it takes for the discoloured nail to grow out.

I have also heard of soaking your feet in hydrogen peroxide for toenail fungus. I think that would be safer than bleach.