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Inside Aruba Networks' efforts to weave digital infrastructure into buildings

The collaboration here was an intelligent desk that would learn your patterns to literally mould its ergonomics around the habits of the user. For example, it would inform the user when they had been sitting down for too long (and then shape-shift of its own volition to get you standing up).

Aruba’s involvement here was providing network security for Herman Miller’s  ‘Live OS’  operating system integrated into the furnishing. But it illustrates how one object can be aware of its surroundings – and vice versa – through the wireless networked environment.

“That desk in particular is the first of its kind, which is a Wi-Fi connected desk along with a mobile app that allows employees to personalise the ergonomics of the desk,” says Janice Le, CMO at Aruba. “That’s just one example of the role of the network and how it enables these new technologies.

“The more things get connected the more important the network becomes. Our job isn’t to produce all those other things that are getting connected, but enable them to connect securely and give off analytics so they can create those smarter, more personal experiences.”