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Why Kenney hasn’t dumped his latest candidate with a record of intolerance

Rather than step down, Smith gave a sort of apology released by the party for poorly framing his remarks of “many years ago” (actually, five-and-a-half). Though Kenney had stated he’d do stringent vetting of his candidates’ for signs of past or present intolerance, the third jarring case of bigotry from among his candidates will add to the sense of a prevailing problem within the socially conservative former immigration minister’s party. (Also Tuesday, the NDP revealed another UCP candidate wrote in a 2003 church newsletter about the “homosexual agenda,” prompting a similarly worded statement of regret).

Later on Tuesday, the Edmonton Journal reported that Smith brought his prejudice into the legislature , writing a 2015 memo to his Wildrose Party caucus colleagues that arguing Christian schools should be able to fire homomosexual teachers. Kenney’s critics can now easily draw a straight line between his education critic’s comments