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    ReNew Toenail Solution with Tea Tree Oil – Natural Antifungal Solution for Helping Restore the Appearance of Discolored Toes & Fingernails 1 FL OZ (30 ml)
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During the year ended December 31, 2010, it introduced the GenesisPlus programme, which is a laser based system for performing skin rejuvenation procedures and toe nail fungus sacking. This system has a hand piece that includes real time temperature

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5 Causes of Black Toenails—and How to ID the Harmless From the Harmful

The most common culprit for black nails, repetitive trauma can result from running, or from wearing any type of ill-fitting footwear. If a black nail crops up shortly after a workout or a day spent in too-tight or too-loose shoes, this is likely the cause.

Repetitive trauma ranges from mild (i.e. a small, painless, black-and-blue discoloration beneath the nail), to severe (i.e. large, bloody blisters between your nail and nail plate), explains Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, D.P.M. and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association . In mild cases, no treatment is needed and the black nail will simply grow out.

In severe cases, beneath-the-nail blisters can cause the nail to detach—either partially or fully—from the nail plate. This process can be quite painful if the detachment is only partial, warns Dr. Lori Weisenfeld, NYC sports podiatrist, explaining that once the nail fully separates from nail plate, it is officially dead and will never reattach. The good new about this: it’s no longer painful. The bad news: it can take a long time for a new nail to grow in—about a year for big toenails and 3 to 6 months for smaller nails. In certain cases, a fresh nail can begin growing underneath an old, dead nail. If there’s additional repetitive trauma, the new nail can become bruised and detached as well. To prevent this, Weisenfeld recommends visiting your doctor who can trim down or entirely remove the dead nail, which will allow the new nail room to grow in properly.

How can i get rid of a green and black fungus on my nail?

any home remedies or products that might help?

fungus might be from false nails and water..

ewwww!!!! go to the doctor!!

You're going to need a prescription for that, I think....

ya stop getting your nails done, those places are just crawling with diseases!! you can paint your nails with genitian violet it will turn them purple but its a natural antifungal. put lavander oil or tea tree oil on them

Nail fungus????

I let my toe nails grow a lil bit longer in the summer...colder weather came and from me wearing normal shoes, my big toe nails lifted from the base (gross, I know) and I cut them short, but the damage was already done. Now I have black fungus under

Anti-fungals in liquid form topically applied to the nail region, particularly under the nail plate once to twice daily for a few months. If the topical therapy is ineffective you will necessarily need an oral anti-fungal prescribed by your physician--the

Consult a doctor. They would be able to recommend the proper treatment for this condition.

I feel sorry for you. Go to the pharmacy and go down the aisle for nail fungus. If it's really bad, you might have to go to the doctor.