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    Muscles! Muscles in the Human Body -Anatomy for Kids - Children's Biology Books
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Behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3: It's a giant iPhone — for better and worse

Later, a message popped up. Tesla wanted two hours to download and install an update.

The Tesla Model 3 is a lot like something you already know: a smartphone. But it’s more like an iPhone circa 2008, before we had figured out how to live with them.

Last week, Tesla loaned me a Model 3 to review for The Washington Post. Over three days, I navigated the steep learning curve to operate this iPhone with wheels, and ended up convinced it is the car of the future. I also came away a bit concerned about our future.

Even if you’re not interested in owning a Model 3, don’t believe in electric cars, don’t like CEO Elon Musk , or don’t believe Tesla will survive to produce them for $35,000, Tesla is setting the agenda for the auto industry. The Model 3, through cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth connections, is constantly online in ways mass vehicles haven’t been before. Its computer, dashboard, key, motor, brakes, battery, power plug, and cameras (I could go on) are all sending and receiving data. Tesla is turning the car into the largest connected device you’ll own.

Can somebody give me review on the nitrocut muscle builder?

I am gonna take it for the next six months what should I expect?

Why not Syntha 6?

Has anyone used NO2 Hemodilator (muscle growth supplement)? Any good/bad reviews and feedback?

I am now lifting weights for the first time in my 30-yr life (LoL) and a friend of mine suggested a supplement called NO2 Hemodilator that he's been taking as well (with amazing results I must say - well, so it appears).
It's obviously not steroids

no2 is more of a booster.
ive tried bsn n.o xplode.
i got a good buzz and the vains pop out like 'woah'.
give it a go.