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    Soopat Decorativepillows Covers 16"x16" Two Sides Printed Bodybuilder Muscle Handsome Athlete Retro Pop Art Sports And Fitness Throw Pillow Cases Home Decor
    Home (Soopat)


    List Price: $16.99
    Price: $16.99
    You Save: $7.02 (41%)

    • Double-sided printing.
    • Return in 10 Days as long as No Wash and in Original Condition
    • Size: 16x16 inch/41x41cm
    • Hidden zipper closure, insert is not included.
    • Safe to machine wash.Or wash by hand.Dot Not Bleach.

    Blackzone Silicone Grip Ball Hand Finger Strength Exercise Stress Relief Massage Adult Toy
    Toy (Blackzone)


    Price: $2.88

    • Due to its small body and light weight, convenient to carry and you can relax your hand anywhere, anytime.
    • It adopts high quality material and textured surface, and gives a fantastic and comfortable touch feeling.
    • Perfect for training flexibility of fingers against stiffness and doing rehabilitation training, exercising hand muscle and enhancing hand strength.
    • Suitable for those people, who are rock-climbers, body-builders, computer-workers, badminton and ping-pong lovers, etc.
    • Squeeze, roll or press the ball to relieve tension and reduce stress.

MSU men's basketball: Spartans' Kearney, Gauna impress in practice, game

It's a aplomb builder. I just want to pick up on this game and go back to practice and keep working," Kearney said. That's where players like Kearney and Gauna have been doing mutilate and earning some of the extended minutes they have been receiving

I like to watch women watch men fight

I like to watch women watch men fight “That's what this whole company builder stuff is about — gay men these days look like the bullies that Euphemistic pre-owned to beat me up in school.” Your sense of being too small yourself is important too. Jeffrey Parsons, a non compos mentis professor at Hunter College,

What the Deuce

What the Deuce “I always liked those trucks, I reminisce over seeing them as a kid when they first came out,” says Porter, a former drag-racer from Mount Flower, where he started out building tire-squealing muscle cars in the family garage, much to the chagrin of his creator

Chris Crocker Discusses His New Look, Gender, Porn, Britney Spears, His ...

I've put on almost 30 pounds of muscle since I started, so when I dressed up last gloom I had to cover my shoulders and my arms. I know I'll always have that side of myself. I'll always treatment with makeup and other things even if I become a body builder.

Progressive web apps: The future of the web

Consumer app fatigue is forcing approaches to mobile web versus mobile apps to be re-evaluated. The pace of app downloads is slowing down in most consumer markets, especially where mobile device adoption is mature. PWA technology comes at an opportune time, bringing app like characteristics to websites without requiring consumers to download a full app.

PWAs are especially useful for occasional website users, rather than loyal or power users. In retail, for example, only a small percentage of a retailer's customers will download its app because most are occasional customers. The retailer should create a mobile app experience for high-frequency, loyal customers only; then use PWAs to add app features to its website to convert a wider mobile web audience into loyalty mobile app users down the road.

PWAs have proven to improve mobile web engagement and conversion., for example, saw a 76 percent increase in conversions after upgrading its site to a PWA. In addition, its interaction rate was four times higher after users added the PWA site to their home screens. Carnival Cruise Line is another great example, achieving 42 percent open rate for push notifications through PWAs, which resulted in a 24 percent opt-in rate.

POLL: Shocking Muscle Pictures?

Scientists in Cambridge have discovered a revolutionary new muscle builder designed to help you build faster.


I saw some pictures of female muscle builders. There vulva have popped up. Why?

Please do not send silly answeres.

Its not that the vulva has popped up its because of all the muscle sourrounding the vulva. Most women have fat in the area so even a half pound will smooth ti out. But with no fat it seems to bulge.

it only pops out hen they have alot of sex, so due to the fact they have alot of sex it is permidently poped out