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MSU men's basketball: Spartans' Kearney, Gauna impress in practice, game

It's a aplomb builder. I just want to pick up on this game and go back to practice and keep working," Kearney said. That's where players like Kearney and Gauna have been doing mutilate and earning some of the extended minutes they have been receiving

I like to watch women watch men fight

I like to watch women watch men fight “That's what this whole company builder stuff is about — gay men these days look like the bullies that Euphemistic pre-owned to beat me up in school.” Your sense of being too small yourself is important too. Jeffrey Parsons, a non compos mentis professor at Hunter College,

What the Deuce

What the Deuce “I always liked those trucks, I reminisce over seeing them as a kid when they first came out,” says Porter, a former drag-racer from Mount Flower, where he started out building tire-squealing muscle cars in the family garage, much to the chagrin of his creator

Chris Crocker Discusses His New Look, Gender, Porn, Britney Spears, His ...

I've put on almost 30 pounds of muscle since I started, so when I dressed up last gloom I had to cover my shoulders and my arms. I know I'll always have that side of myself. I'll always treatment with makeup and other things even if I become a body builder.

A little fitness, a little charity

The event, which also included a VIP brunch, served two purposes. It was a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, but it was also a not-so-covert advertisement for Peter’s new training facility, located on the top floor of the Lyric building next door to Breese Stevens. Between raising ultimately over $20,000 for the local organization and handing out hundreds of shirts emblazoned with “Peter Kraus Fitness,” I’d say it was a big success across the board — a perfect balance of timely self-promotion with sincere philanthropy.

Which, in reality TV world, is a unicorn. The world of profiteering on fleeting fame trends toward the crass, and seldom approaches anything resembling this degree of selflessness.

If you’re wondering what Bryan is up to, the Miami-based chiropractor with whom Rachel is currently living her best life , he’s hawking aggressively tacky garbage emblazoned with his garish “Dr. Abs” logo. I’m no public relations manager here, but the contrast between these two post-finale is not helping to kill the unfortunate narrative that Rachel let the best man slip through her fingers for the sake of sticking to the “process” of the show. Sorry to keep pitting these men against each other, but if you had to pick between the guy who’s using his fame to put tens of thousands of dollars in the hands of local charities and the dude who wants to sell you a $42 t-shirt featuring a clip-art quality sketch of his six-pack, who would you choose?

POLL: Shocking Muscle Pictures?

Scientists in Cambridge have discovered a revolutionary new muscle builder designed to help you build faster.


I saw some pictures of female muscle builders. There vulva have popped up. Why?

Please do not send silly answeres.

Its not that the vulva has popped up its because of all the muscle sourrounding the vulva. Most women have fat in the area so even a half pound will smooth ti out. But with no fat it seems to bulge.

it only pops out hen they have alot of sex, so due to the fact they have alot of sex it is permidently poped out