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    MegaFood - Blood Builder, Support for Healthy Iron Levels, Energy, and Red Blood Cell Production without Nausea or Constipation, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, 90 Tablets (FFP)
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    List Price: $37.16
    Price: $26.76
    You Save: $10.40 (28%)

    • BLOODY FANTASTIC: Blood Builder is more than just iron. Our nourishing blend promotes blood cell production and healthy iron levels for men and women.
    • OXYGEN LOVES IRON: Iron is a vehicle for oxygen in the blood. Healthy iron levels help oxygen energize the muscles and mind.
    • FORMULATED FOR YOU: Safe for menstruating women, including teenage girls, pregnant women, vegans and vegetarians, athletes, and recent blood donors.
    • MEGAFOOD FEELING: MegaFood is about nourishing your absolute best self: prepared for the day, fueled with energy, filled with confidence.
    • CAN'T BEET REAL: Organic oranges picked at Uncle Matt's and beet root plucked from Stahlbush Island Farms support iron absorption.

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I've put on almost 30 pounds of muscle since I started, so when I dressed up last eventide I had to cover my shoulders and my arms. I know I'll always have that side of myself. I'll always philander with makeup and other things even if I become a body builder.

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Does drinking body builder milk will help to have great muscle body?

Im a girl. And i want to build some muscle in my body to make it tough ( but not really like a 'real' body builder athletes)
I know it sound weird but does this milk help me to build more muscle to make my body looks more cool? I found this product

Body Building milk assists with the growth of your muscles. However you will need to do all the work yourself. I'd suggest trying it for a few weeks, doing sit-ups and push-ups 2-3 times every day, try to increase the amount you do daily.

NO, it just has a little more protein in it. You have to actually lift the weights yourself.

lol body builder milk.

Things about being a muscle builder?

Ok i have a little brother whose says that he wants to be a body builder and i'm 19 and hes 16 so he was thinking that i was a body builder because i'm so strong for a girl anyway, but i told him that he has to do a lot of heavy lifting with dumbells

There is no way he can become a body builder with just dumbbells. If he is serious about being a body builder, he needs to sign up at a gym, or spend thousands in weight lifting equipment.