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Acne Cause

This super-common smoothie ingredient has a rep for bringing on rogue breakouts

“ Whey protein can cause or worsen acne ,” says Cybele Fishman, MD , a New York-based dermatologist. I felt totally hoodwinked—although it was really my mistake, as whey protein is actually a dairy product. “Whey is a milk byproduct, and occurs when milk separates into cheese,” explains Purvisha Patel, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare .

To get into more of the scientifics behind it, Dr. Patel explains that acne is caused by a range of four different factors: follicular occlusion (blockage of your pores), microbe overgrowth in the follicle (bad bacteria in the skin), sebum production or adding an edible oil to the follicle, and inflammation (but of course). “Milk hormones increase the sebum production of the follicles, and whey protein increases insulin levels in the skin, which also increases sebum production,” she says. Dr. Fishman agrees, adding that whey is one of the major proteins in milk, and increases the production of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. “ Insulin increases sebum , which can clog pores by stimulating too much testosterone production,” she explains.

What is good foundation that wont cause acne and last all day?

I think that the cause of my acne is my make up, my dermatologist suggested this also.
Im 15 by the way.
I wear make up every day and often get acne.
I need a really good foundation that dosent cause acne, i would also like it to

Loreal True match foundation is great for oily skin is oil free, fragrance free
very gentle this foundation is long lasting too the finish is very good medium coverage.

Now, i don't know about all but most foundations do cause acne. Try M.A.C. or sephora. Those are some of the best make up brands. You could also just use a slight bronzer, it will cover your acne, but not too much.

i use Boots No7. it works very good cause it lasts all day and it soaks up the oil on your face. also, it lasts all day. i use ivory, which is the lightest shade.

What foods and drinks cause acne breakouts?

I'm sick of acne breakouts. I get one after the other and I'm 17 years old, I'm tired of it.
What foods and drinks cause breakouts? I know stress is but that's not something I can really cut out of my life. I wash my face with various scrubs etc.

Acne Marks or Scars

Acne is caused due to the wrong food habits and improper skin care. It is also caused due to hormonal changes. Another important cause is the high level of insulin produced by processed carbohydrates. This excess level

Generally unhealthy foods, like greasy and fatty things caused my mom to break out like a teenager. She went on a diet and lost like 50 freaking pounds, dramatically shifting her diet, and now only gets a few pimples now and then, even though she doesn't

In terms of food that will help: Try kelp because it will calm your skin and reduce your stress levels. Ginger is also good because it is an anti-inflammatory. Try to avoid sugars and milk especially because it contains hormones from the cows that is