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LATAM Beauty Brands Profile: New Body Costa Rica

Right now the couple is focusing on a sun care line that includes a sunscreen as well as an after burn that also doubles up as a moisturizer, but they are also producing a range of six natural soaps – all made at their small farm in the tiny beach-side village of Paraiso, situated in the sun-drenched Guanacaste region of the country.

Tourism is currently the biggest industry in this region, and with a steady stream of sun-deprived tourists coming in from all over the world, the couple have found a captive audience for their locally produced, organic sun care line.

We spoke to Arturo to find out more about New Body Costa Rica ​, and asked him to tell Cosmetics Design about the challenges he and his wife have had in getting the sun care line to market, as well as going into more detail about the formulation and packaging

How, when and where did you start your business up?

Last September, we decided to take our sunscreen and turn it into a business. We did some market research, and found out that we didn’t really have any competition. Then we heard about the legislature passed in Hawaii banning these same harmful chemicals in sunscreen that we hated, so we decided to go for it.