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Lacey Spears used holistic doctor for Garnett in South Nyack

On Facebook, Lacey Spears would decry Western medicine, shun fast food and constantly promote new diets for herself and son Garnett.

In mid-January, three days before her 5-year-old son, Garnett, was admitted to Nyack Hospital for what would be the last week of his life, she proudly posted a picture of a drum of vegetable broth, stating "Homemade veggie broth. I cook all our greens in veggie broth, made three gallons tonight."

Living in the Fellowship Community in Chestnut Ridge, where many residents work on the on-site organic farm, Spears found a community that embraced her stated penchant for healthy living. Like Spears, when their children got sick, several young parents at the Fellowship would send their children off-site to the same pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Zatz, who shared their interest in holistic as well as traditional medicine.

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