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Meek Mill Shares Message Of Hope And How He Plans To Lead Criminal Justice Reform

“I always say there’s two Americas if you believe somebody need to go to jail and be shackled from ankles to wrists because they popped a wheelie be locked in a cell. These are experiences that I’ve been through,” said the Philly rapper.


In 2007, Mill says he was brutally arrested by Philadelphia police when he was 19.

“It was a long day. You seen my mug shot. It was a lot of blood loss from me,” he says.

Meek Mill’s Close Friend, Attorney Describe His Prison Release, New Mission

Police were acting on an officer’s claim that he had seen him the day before selling drugs. He was found guilty and sent to jail on drug and gun possession charges. His probation time expanded over the years when he was found in non-criminal technical violations. Some were over opioid use, traveling without permission and for giving a fake urine sample.