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    Beauty and the Beast (2017) (Plus Bonus Features)

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    Price: $19.99

    Beauty and the Beast (2017) (Theatrical Version)

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POLL: What actress looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast?

In real life form, what actress looks like/could play Belle?

Belle: haracters/Belle.jpg

Anne Hathway
Camilla Belle
Selena Gomez (but she's young)

anne hathaway

kate beckingsale

or catherine zeta jones

My child wants to paint her pumpkin as Mrs. potts from beauty& beast but we cant find anything online help!?

My child wants to decorate her pumpkin forher school contest asmrs. potts from beauty & the beast. we have searched everythig i can think of online and all we get is text saying where it was done and they won 1st place. please help us find some pictures

Rent the movie, if you don't have it and freeze frame it when she comes on. There you have it. ;)

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or watch the movie