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Rwanda's beauty queens to participate in continental pageant - The ...

The 2016 edition of the Pan-African beauty pageant will be held in Benin’s economic capital Cotonou and is designed to “develop cultural exchanges between African peoples.

Speaking to The New Times, the beauty queen couldn’t hide her joy.  “I am so excited about representing my country. This is the first time Rwanda is taking part in the contest and that makes me a bit nervous, but I’m really excited about this amazing opportunity,” said Kwizera.

 “I hope to do my best to represent my country as I will be competing with contestants from all over the continent,” she added.

The reigning Miss Rwanda, Jolly Mutesi, was invited as a special guest, to inspire the beauty contests.

“I’m so excited for having been invited to be of influence to other beauty queens. With reference from the causes I have been involved in, I was invited to portray positive influence through my experience and represent my country for a greater cause,” she told The New Times.

What's the things beauty queens wear around their shoulders?

What are the things beauty queens wear around their shoulder and hip, that they lay across their body diagonally? It says whatever like "Miss America 2009" and it's pinned at the waist. I thought it was called a sash.

Yes it is a sash.


It is called a sash

What comes to mind when you think of beauty queens?

What do you think of when you think of beauty queens?

JonBenet Ramsay. Barbie dolls. Mountains of hair stuck together with silicon spray. Trailer trash, big-haired girls without any notion of why the world is laughing at them. Vanna White, Sarah Palin.

Really pretty women who try to be in a way perfect.

fake bitches with a lot of make up