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Carnival beauty queens by Erik Kessels

Interest in beauty pageants has diminished in recent years, but not too long ago, they were an integral part of British culture. In their height of popularity, between the 1950s and 80s, thousands would turn up to watch competitions in their local towns, and millions tuned in across the country for the annual Miss World contest, once one of the most-watched live television broadcasts in the world.

In Tipton, a town in Sandwell in the West Midlands, England, the Carnival Beauty Queen Pageant was a key event in the annual summer calendar. But in 2010, after almost 50 years, the competition was scrapped, due to dwindling entry numbers and reports of squabbles among contestants.

But now, the competition’s former glory is remembered in an exhibition of found images presented by Dutch artist Erik Kesselsas part of West Bromwich-based photography festival Blast!.

Known for his interest in found and archival photography, Kessels has restored images

What's the things beauty queens wear around their shoulders?

What are the things beauty queens wear around their shoulder and hip, that they lay across their body diagonally? It says whatever like "Miss America 2009" and it's pinned at the waist. I thought it was called a sash.

Yes it is a sash.


It is called a sash

What comes to mind when you think of beauty queens?

What do you think of when you think of beauty queens?

JonBenet Ramsay. Barbie dolls. Mountains of hair stuck together with silicon spray. Trailer trash, big-haired girls without any notion of why the world is laughing at them. Vanna White, Sarah Palin.

Really pretty women who try to be in a way perfect.

fake bitches with a lot of make up