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Vegan Actor Kate Mara: 'The Beyond Burger Is Incredible!'

Do you have any favorite vegan cheeses or other plant–based products you'd encourage others to try that might help them to ditch meat and dairy?

Absolutely! Beyond Meat is an incredible company that I support. Their burgers and sausage are incredible. 

I usually use Follow Your Heart cheese or Miyoko's cheese, both delicious. I love to make homemade almond milk (which is way easier than it seems) and I learned how on Google. Giving up half– and–half was a struggle for me at first, but I recommend Better Half as an alternative for any coffee lovers. 

It's my favorite non–dairy alternative for coffee.

When you're busy filming, or traveling, what are your go–to vegan snacks?

I love Vegan Rob's cauliflower puffs and Earth Balance vegan cheese puffs. Mary's Gone Crackers and hummus are an easy snack to travel with, as well. 

What are some of your favorite spots to eat out, or meals you enjoy making at home? 

Crossroads is one of my

how old is kimberly snyder?

kimberly snyder, the clinical nutritionist who wrote the beauty detox solution--how old is she? i just got her book and looked at her photos on her blog, she is beautiful and looks so young! just curious about her age?

she's 23 :)