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“Clean Beauty is much more than natural or synthetic ingredients,” Pierre Miasnik, Fiabila

Premium Beauty News - The nail varnish market has not escaped the natural trend, has it?

Pierre Miasnik - Today, the green movement is much more than a trend. It is a structural, irreversible, universal shift that can be observed in all cosmetics categories. The younger the consumers, the more concerned they are with these issues. We have already invested a lot in research and development in this field: this year, Fiabila even offers 100% natural nail varnish – a real technical feat!

Still, natural resins are not as effective as synthetic ones, which is why we have developed nail varnish that meets all consumer requirements in terms of colour, gloss effect, coverage, drying time, long wear, and application, and which contains 77% natural ingredients, no controversial substance , and a biosourced plasticizer patented in 2010. Again, it was a huge technological challenge!

Premium Beauty News - Would it be wiser to talk about a “clean product”, then?

how old is kimberly snyder?

kimberly snyder, the clinical nutritionist who wrote the beauty detox solution--how old is she? i just got her book and looked at her photos on her blog, she is beautiful and looks so young! just curious about her age?

she's 23 :)