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beauty and the beast soundtrack

Concert a lesson in true beauty

There are no short cuts to inner beauty and character transformation. This simple message was the basis of the recent Nobel International Elementary School production entitled “Beauty is the Beast”.

The production, directed and produced by the school’s founder Clarine Chun, demonstrated what happens when superficial good looks are put first instead of kindness and goodness.

It was a message that resonated long after the curtain call especially when the story was told by a group of seven to 11-year-olds.

The story is set in distant Utopia, an enchanted land whose subjects are bestowed dazzling outward perfect beauty by two fairy godmothers.

The show started with a clever play of pyrotechnics, screen and lights.

The fairy godmothers took centre stage as they descended from the ceiling in true “Hollywood” style.

The intricate details of the costumes and the explosion of colours on stage were truly a sight to behold throughout the play.

I'm looking for the Beauty and the Beast Broadway Soundtrack?

I can't find the Broadway soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast anywhere online that is free to download. Would anybody happen to know where to find that? It would be a great help if you could.

Disney does not give their stuff away, nor should they. Please support the artists.

Where can I find the Australia Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, if there is one?

I just found out that in the production of Beauty and the Beast in Australia, Hugh Jackman was Gaston. My mom's birthday is in a few weeks and I know she would love it :-) Where can I find the cd or anything like that?

You probably won't find an Aussie soundtrack, usually they only sell the US soundtracks to musicals. Either way, I'm betting you would find the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast at, which is an Aussie run store for musical theatre.