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    Price: $29.95

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    Aidance Scientific

    List Price: $29.95
    Price: $29.95

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Dr Miriam Stoppard: Be thankful for your body's early warning system and take note of symptoms

Many medical conditions have 'prodromes', warning signs that something is going to happen, usually something not very nice.

For instance, if you suffer from cold sores, caused by the herpes virus , you’ll be familiar with its classical prodrome – soreness and tingling in the skin over the spot that’s developing on your lip and in nearby gums and teeth.

This prodrome serves a useful purpose because if you act on it immediately by applying an anti-viral cream you can abort the cold sore altogether. The same goes for genital herpes.

Migraine sufferers will identify with the sensations they feel when one of those pounding, disabling headaches is about to strike – flashing lights, halos around lights, loss of part of your vision, coldness of the side of the face where the headache attacks, even dribbling from the side of the mouth on the same side as the headache.

This is the time to swallow your medication and head to a darkened room. People with epilepsy know the particular signs, “the aura”, that heralds a seizure. It can affect any of the senses depending on which part of the brain the seizure originates in.

can neoaspirin cream make genital warts or genital herpes go away?

i have simple question can neoaspirin the cream version treat genital herpes or genital warts? does it help go away or its used for somethine else?

NO! you cant! because this things are caused by virus!
talking about genital warts that caused by HPV virus then you can get rid of genital warts but not from virus - it stays in your body forever!

you can remove genital warts by

I think you mean Neosporin as there is no such thing as Neoaspirin. If that is what you meant, it will not treat either condition. Both conditions are viral infections that cannot be treated with a topical antibiotic.

NO, neosporin is an anti-bacterial ointment. Warts and herpes are caused by a virus.

Can hydrocortisone or any cream help Genital Herpes?

Ive always wondered if you used cortisone, neosporin, ointment, or any kind of cream on a herpes sore or outbreak, would it help it go away? Soothe the pain and help it disappear? Or not do a thing, or make it worse? Please answer in the most detailed

Hydrogen Peroxide will help speed up the healing, and it cost less than a buck. Dont listen to the bottle instructions that it shouldnt be taken internally, its not going to do anything, its just water and oxygen, put it in a spray bottle and spray away,

Please don't use anything like that without asking your doctor if it is safe, especially if you are referring to genital herpes. Your genital area is very sensitive and you need to be very careful what you apply there.

There is an herbal

NO NEVER use any of those things on herpes it will irritate it more and it won't help to make an outbreak go away the only thing that will make an outbreak disappear is valtrex you can use vaseline but all it would do is soothe the pain a little however