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    The Genital Herpes Cure : How to Cure Genital Herpes from a Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Level

    The Herpes Cure: Treatments for Genital Herpes and Oral Herpes, Diagnostic Techniques and How to Stay Herpes Free for Life
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Herpes Vaccine Proves Unsuccessful

By ICTMN Caduceus January 12, 2012 A vaccine thought to prevent two types of genital herpes knock short in a clinical trial, reported MSNBC. The experimental vaccine was found to within limits protect against only one of the two types of the sexually

Genital Herpes Treatment - Virus Can Reactivate After Aggressive Antiviral Therapy

Genital Herpes Treatment - Virus Can Reactivate After Aggressive Antiviral Therapy According to a weigh in which three trials of antiviral therapy to treat genital herpes were combined, the herpes simplex virus ilk 2/HSV-2 can reactivate in 'breakthrough episodes' even when doses of antiviral psychotherapy are high.

Herpes Drugs Don't Stop Herpes Shedding

Herpes Drugs Don't Stop Herpes Shedding Most people have few, if any, of genital herpes' unpleasant symptoms: blisters on or around the genitals or rectum. There's no cure for herpes infections. That's because herpes viruses travelling up nerves to take up latent form in the nerve root.

New NIST clinical SRM can help in accurate CMV detection and treatment

It is a associate of the herpes family of viruses that includes two herpes simplex viruses (the causes of ice-cold sores and genital herpes), the varicella-zoster virus (the cause of chicken pox and shingles) and the Epstein-Barr virus (the engender of

ASK DOC: Why do I make my partners unwell?

You have raised several issues which might be independent medical problems. Firstly, syphilis is a sexually-transmitted bacterial infection that happens in stages, with different symptoms at each stage. In primary syphilis, there is a firm, round, painless sore or swelling at the original site of infection. This sore usually disappears after three to six weeks, and may even go unnoticed. In secondary syphilis, which develops a few weeks later, there is a skin rash, sores in the mouth, anus or vagina, fever, sore throat, patches of hair loss, and swollen lymph nodes. You may also develop red or brown spots on the palms or soles of the feet. These symptoms disappear after some time, and may also pass unnoticed. After this there is the latent stage during which there are no symptoms. If untreated, some people go on to develop tertiary syphilis, which causes very severe disease that may affect the brain, nervous system, eyes, heart and other organs. It is easy to diagnose, treat and cure syphilis using the right antibiotics at any stage.

Does anyone know a cure for genital herpes?

Anyone know a cure or at least how to reduce out breaks of genital herpes? When ever I am stressed or get a little cold, then they flare up. I can not prevent myself from ever having a cold or ever having stress...I need help. It is such a pain and

I thought I had responded to one of your previous questions, I give everyone the same advice, DO NOT TAKE THE MEDS. It is that simple, not only will your outbreaks actually heal faster on their own, but you wont get sick as often from the meds that actually

There is NO cure for genital herpes

Sorry about your situation, it really must be tough. I feel for you.

Sadly, there is nothing to cure herpes. I know its hard not to stress, but if you try really hard to stay level headed and cooled, you may find that it will help prevent

Can I cure from genital herpes within 3 months?

Can I cure from genital herpes within 3 months?

Once the "herpes" seed is there, it will always remain there in a dormant state. Same as cold sores, they are a form of herpes. Go to your doctor or womens' clinic for advice.............ooops, you may be a man so go to a mens' clinic - sor

afraid not- once you have contacted herpes its with you for life- its a virus that lies dormant in your system and reappears like maybe once or twice a year for the rest of your life. its like a cold sore (same virus)

there is no cure