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Will An Antiviral Vaginal Gel Help Prevent Herpes? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Describes the use of a different technique - one that failed in preventing the spread of HIV - a topical (vaginal) gel containing the antiviral drug tenofovir. According to the paper, when used regularly by HSV-2-negative women, tenofovir gel reportedly reduced their rate of HSV-2 infection by 40%. Even though 40% is far from the cure that herpes sufferers have been hoping for, it's better than nothing, right?

Maybe not. That 40% may not be accurate because of some questions about and limitations of the trial and the science behind it. Here are some of them. 


Pritelivir inhibits the replication of both viruses, albeit by a different mechanism. (This is rather unusual). In fact, in cultured cells, pritelivir is more potent than acyclovir in inhibiting the replication of HSV-2 (1,2)


Of the 566 HSV-2-negative women in the VOICE trial,  the authors concluded  that the use of 1% gel tenofovir gel was "associated with" a 40% reduction of HSV-2 acquisition. 

Does anyone know a cure for genital herpes?

Anyone know a cure or at least how to reduce out breaks of genital herpes? When ever I am stressed or get a little cold, then they flare up. I can not prevent myself from ever having a cold or ever having stress...I need help. It is such a pain and

I thought I had responded to one of your previous questions, I give everyone the same advice, DO NOT TAKE THE MEDS. It is that simple, not only will your outbreaks actually heal faster on their own, but you wont get sick as often from the meds that actually

There is NO cure for genital herpes

Sorry about your situation, it really must be tough. I feel for you.

Sadly, there is nothing to cure herpes. I know its hard not to stress, but if you try really hard to stay level headed and cooled, you may find that it will help prevent

Can I cure from genital herpes within 3 months?

Can I cure from genital herpes within 3 months?

Once the "herpes" seed is there, it will always remain there in a dormant state. Same as cold sores, they are a form of herpes. Go to your doctor or womens' clinic for advice.............ooops, you may be a man so go to a mens' clinic - sor

afraid not- once you have contacted herpes its with you for life- its a virus that lies dormant in your system and reappears like maybe once or twice a year for the rest of your life. its like a cold sore (same virus)

there is no cure