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Hopes for herpes simplex virus vaccine dashed

(Joe Raedle/AFP/Getty Images) The decay of an experimental herpes vaccine against the sexually transmitted herpes simplex virus has dashed hopes for widespread use of the treatment. For reasons that aren't unblock, the vaccine protected against only

Former Guelph sex shop owner testifies in his own defence at prostitution trial

Under no circumstances, he told the court, would he have enlisted her in the guide business—first, because of her age, and secondly because she was known to have genital herpes, a diagnosis the girl had told him about at an earlier all at once.

Genital herpes with no symptoms or just normal texture?

I've had problems for years that I believed to be recurrent yeast infections or something of the sort, so did most of my doctors because the symptoms I had were most similar. But now I saw a new gyno that told me some women get vaginal herpes and they

Of course it's impossible to diagnose what you have since we aren't doctors and can't see your symptoms but what you are describing sounds more like HPV (genital warts) than herpes.

Herpes blisters affect the nerves and they itch and

I have those tiny white bumps as well and I'm pretty sure I don't have genital herpes.

However, you can have outbreaks INSIDE your vagina that you would never notice.

It actually sounds a lot more like HPV (warts) than HSV (herpes). Try looking up HPV images online and see if that more resembles what you are seeing on yourself. Herpes is generally blisters, painful, associated with flu-like symptoms (body aches,

Just got diagnosed with Genital Herpes. What can I expect?

Im a 45 year old female that has been in a long term relationship for 8 years. I have been completely faithful to him. He has been unfaithful once. 11 months later I have herpes. He is questioning weather he gave it to me or not since he has not had

Hi - I know how you feel. I've had Genital Herpes for about 6 years. While it's certainly something I would prefer to live without, it gets easier as time passes.

The first outbreak is the worst for most people. They get easier and

Please don't panic! I've had herpes for seven years and now find it quite manageable even though my first outbreak was terribly painful. Each time I got an outbreak they had milder and milder symptoms and I tried a few treatments (prescription and non-prescription)

Hi - I know how you feel. I've had Genital Herpes for about 6 years. While it's certainly something I would prefer to live without, it gets easier as time passes.

The first outbreak is the worst for most people. They get easier and