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Serious Skin Care Glycolic Renewal Gel

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    Serious Skincare Glycolic Gommage Extreme Renewal Exfoliating Facial ~ 1 fl oz
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    Price: $22.74

Stacked Skincare TCA Multi Acid Body Peel

Last fall when I wrote about my search for anti-aging body lotions , there was a clear call from the Truth In Aging community for ways to combat crepey skin — and not just on the neck and décolleté, but arms and legs as well. I was determined to take up the challenge and I found TCA Multi Acid Body Peel ($180) from Stacked Skincare. And what a find this once-a-week body peel turned out to be.

Finally, here is something to smooth out crepey body skin. Not to mention the impact on sun spots and discoloration, wrinkles and, I am told, keratosis pilaris. If your experience of body exfoliation has been limited to a scrub, then you are in for a surprise. Stacked Skincare TCA Multi Acid Body Peel is like having a doctor’s office facial peel — except it’s for the body and at home.

Since I had a small tester bottle (the full-size is 2 oz. and likely lasts a good while as a little goes a long way), I confined my test to my décolleté and knees. The kit includes a little saucer, in which a few drops of the solution is poured, and a fan shaped brush for application. It is very easy to brush evenly and quickly and that’s it. You simply leave it on.