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Bullies could use VR to 'torture' their victims

The concerns have been raised by The Institute for Ideas, who will be hosting a panel discussion in London to discuss the issue on 23 October.

In a statement , the Institute for Ideas said: 'A team of German researchers has outlined the potential psychological manipulation inherent in VR's immersive experience as well as the risks posed by violent pornography and the ability to 'virtually' torture other users.'

One UK VR expert, who asked to remain unnamed, told MailOnline: 'Virtual reality torture would involve using a headset to put someone in an unpleasant environment.

'The headset would take up the entire field of vision, while sounds could be used to block out the hearing, creating an eerie and hostile setting.'

And it wouldn't just be a case of taking off the headset if you weren't enjoying it.

The expert added: 'You would probably be restrained, so couldn't just take off the headset.'