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This is what to eat to lose weight


There are few breakfast options as nutritious as whole oats — low-GI, high in protein, B-group vitamins and fibre, a serve of oats will keep your energy levels regulated and your gut healthy.


Another wholefood naturally rich in carbohydrate, sweet potato is also exceptionally high in beta carotene, the plant source of Vitamin A, which is known to help protect our cells from damage. Also rich in fibre and vitamin C, sweet potato is a perfect low-GI carb to include in your evening meal.


One of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, kale is a rich source of folate, vitamin K, beta carotene and vitamin C and is especially rich in the antioxidant flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol, which play a key role in protecting cells. Best consumed lightly cooked, or raw, nutrient absorption will be enhanced when kale is consumed with some fat via olive oil or avocado.


One of the cruciferous vegetables known for their strong anti-cancer properties, broccoli is another nutrient-rich food which has a number of health benefits when consumed cooled or raw. Broccoli is also exceptionally low in calories and will help to keep you fuller thanks to its relatively high fibre content.

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High cholesterol in Senior dog?

I have a 12 year old female miniature poodle that weighs 12 pounds. Her recent geriatric workup indicated high cholesterol. I am looking for low fat formula of dry food but no one seems to make a weight control (low fat) formula for seniors. Suggestions?

I would browse around here: g/Dog-Food/Veterinary-Diets-For-Dogs

They have all the foods you can find at a vets

Speak to your vet or pet store, they can probably suggest you some or order you some in :)

Innova senior is a lower fat version