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Are Fats No Longer A Heart Health Hazard?

Maleeff: Aggregate cholesterol is not a very reliable indicator of CVD risk, because total cholesterol is a formula derived from LDL, HDL, and triglyceride levels. Therefore, someone can have a penetrating total cholesterol simply because they have a very high

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The amount of cheese flowing from his preening is enough to give anyone bad cholesterol. And while that's an self-explanatory take on the old Superman wide-eyed optimism and general vapidity, it doesn't business in this instance, and it's only made starker by the

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Hurt You or Someone You Love

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Hurt You or Someone You Love Many of the lay cholesterol-lowering kind come with a raft of nasty side effects. It is suspected that Refurbishment Leg Syndrome is one of the side effects linked to long term usage. The cholesterol-lowering and pump burn medicines,

A prescription for health: Discuss your medications

A prescription for health: Discuss your medications The same goes for on a trip cholesterol. Some people are able to abandon statins if – through diet modification and callisthenics – they are successful in consistently lowering their total cholesterol levels. If a patient is in her 80s, her cholesterol is at a

Switching from saturated fat to vegetable oil cuts cholesterol but increases heart attack risk: Review

Replacing saturated, animal-derived fats such as butter, lard and cheese with vegetable oils that are rich in linoleic acid – such as those derived from corn, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed or soybean – has long been thought to decrease cholesterol and, as a result, coronary heart disease and overall mortality rates.

But a review ofthe Minnesota Coronary Experiment (MCE) - a study that was originally conducted almost 50 years ago has cast this belief - which has formed a key component of dietary advice for years - into doubt.

Daisy Zamora, a researcher at the University of North Carolina and co-author of the review that was published yesterday in the  British Medical Journal  said:  "Altogether, this research leads us to conclude that incomplete publication of important data has contributed to the overestimation of benefits - and the underestimation of potential risks - of replacing saturated fat with vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid."

What are the condensed structures for citric acid and cholesterol?

Chemical formulas are:

Citric acid- C6H8O7
Cholesterol- C27H46O

Citric acid

Its too big, doesnt have a condensed formula summary.cgi?cid=5997

How many moles of cholesterol are in an average person?

2.5x10^2 g-naturally produced
chemical formula- C27H46O

plez show all ur work thank u <3

Molar mass of cholesterol is (27*12)+(46*1)+12 = 494

n (amount of mol) = m (mass) / M (molar mass)

2.5 * 10^2 / 494 = 0.5 mol cholesterol