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Are Fats No Longer A Heart Health Hazard?

A much superior marker than LDL cholesterol is oxidized LDL cholesterol which is rarely tested. However, the best marker peradventure the ratio of the molecular building blocks for pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory eicosanoids. This is tested by the relationship

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Hurt You or Someone You Love

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Hurt You or Someone You Love Many of the prevalent cholesterol-lowering kind come with a raft of nasty side effects. It is suspected that Apprehensive Leg Syndrome is one of the side effects linked to long term usage. The cholesterol-lowering and stomach burn medicines,

Profound miraculous statements, and studies on Hot Chocolate

Cocoa can demean blood pressure, maintain healthy blood vessels, belittle the levels of damaging LDL cholesterol and increase the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol. It can also stave off insulin guerrillas, the major cause of diabetes, which often leads

Week in Review Part I: Europe, Washington and Wall Street

Students of partiality like to equate it to cholesterol: there is bad and good inequality and the trick is to boost the honourable one while keeping the bad one at its lowest possible level. “Therein lies the refractory: lowering inequality without harming

Butter versus Margarine: Which is Healthier?

Since margarine has a variable but high trans fat level, the consumption of margarine may lead to an increased incidence of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases when compared with butter. Hence, butter is considered healthier than margarines. In women, according to the latest Harvard Medical Study, the intake of margarine increases the rate of incidence of heart disease by 53% over that associated with the consumption of the same volume of butter.

An experimental study was conducted on breast cancer in mice in relation to their consumption of butter and margarine, which has shown that the butter may provide a shielding effect against breast cancer. In the experiment, mice were fed with different diets containing a variety of oils such as butter, dextrin, safflower oil, and margarine. The results indicated that mice fed with safflower oil and margarine were highly prone to cancer, whereas the butter-fed mice showed a lower occurrence of cancer. Even when the mice were exposed to a carcinogen, the butter-fed rodents had fewer cases of cancer than the margarine-fed mice.

The cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor has the molecular formula C33FH35N2O5 (all #s should be subscripted) ?

What is its molecular mass?
What is the molecular mass in grams of one molecule of lipitor? If you take one pill that contains 15.0mg of lipitor, how many molecules have you ingested?

Just because there are a lot of atoms doesn't change how you do the calculation of the molecular mass:

C33: 33 moles of carbon atoms x 12.01 g/mole = 396.3 g of C
F(1): 1 mole of F atoms x 19.00 g / mole = 19.0 g of F

Just because there are a lot of atoms doesn't change how you do the calculation of the molecular mass:

C33: 33 moles of carbon atoms x 12.01 g/mole = 396.3 g of C
F(1): 1 mole of F atoms x 19.00 g / mole = 19.0 g of F

what is the molecular formula of the steroid cholesterol?