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sunless tanning while pregnant

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Is your skin stressed out?

Is your skin stressed out? Think back on the sunscreen when you go out. Want a tan? Get a safe one: use a bronzer or sunless self-tanner. (But most don't restrict sunscreen, so they don't offer any protection from the sun.) Remember to use a broad-spectrum, bedew dilute-resistant sunscreen

Botox? Spray Tans? Bikini Wax? What You Can (and Can't) Do During Pregnancy

Most first time moms are a ball of nerves at their first pregnancy office visit. They often have a huge list of questions, but when they see the flicker of their baby’s heartbeat for the first time they are overcome with emotion and forget half the stuff they were going to ask.

Here are the most common questions patients have for me (once they remember to ask):

Can I have sex when I’m pregnant?

Yes – unless you are experiencing vaginal bleeding or your doctor has instructed you to refrain from sex based on a specific complication (like placenta previa). From conception until your water breaks, having sex is medically fine. And any position is fine as long as it doesn’t cause you discomfort.

Can I go to a concert when I’m pregnant?

Yes. While the baby can hear after 20 weeks, the loud music from a concert will not cause any damage to the baby’s hearing. There are 5 layers of abdominal wall and an inch of uterus muscle for the sound to travel through before reaching the baby AND the baby is floating in water (amniotic fluid). Think how muffled sound is when you are in pool. So, you are fine to “rock on.”

Is it safe to use sunless tanning lotion while pregnant?

I am naturally very pale and have a family reunion this weekend. We will be in swim suits and I am white as a sheet. Is it okay to use a sunless tanning lotion while pregnant? Or should I put up with being a ghost for the weekend? Anyone used self tanner

Yep its safe. Im 38 weeks and have used it a few times. Baby will be fine. :-)

Is it safe to use the lotion with the gradual sunless tanner while pregnant?

I am 25 weeks pregnant.

Yes, it is perfectly safe. Ask your doctor for reassurance if you are still uncertain.

I think so... I can't see why not. Ask your doc to be sure though.

ask the doctor.